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AVCO Legal has consistently grown over the years since its inception in 1986 when the founder and director started his individual practice.

By 1991 a partnership was in place in order to better fulfil our client’s needs in terms of practice areas and location. While retaining the Firm’s original focus on corporate, litigation and transportation law, more areas were added to the mix. IP, IT, labour and employment, tax, international trade and banking departments were created while a significant expertise developed in industries such as fashion, construction, wine, tourism, energy and franchising.

Greater availability means being closer to clients, which is why location is important to us. Based in Madrid (Spain) the Firm expanded its presence, setting up offices firstly in Vigo (Spain), then Lisbon (Portugal) and Milan (Italy). Through AVCO Corporate Services we are also present in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) where we assist clients who do business in South-East Asia.

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