The opening by our Firm, AVCO LEGAL, of a Representative Office in Malasya, and later its transformation into a proper Subsidiary, in order to supply our clients’ needs in the region of Southeast Asia, with more than 650 million inhabitants and destined to become in the upcoming years the fourth world economy, after the United States, China and the European Union, has been a step forward in our world-wide geographic presence.

Though this operation was not risk-free, the support of our clients combined with the expertise we built up made possible for our Firm to expand this presence, through partners and collaborators alike, to other Asean countries, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines. And, after seven years, we can see that our professional effort and personal commitment have been worth while.

Now, in order to provide more and better services to Spanish companies and professionals, to readers interested in Southeast Asia or, last but not least, to companies and professionals from these countries interested in Spain, we are launching this Blog Spain-Asean-Dispatch to comment, in Spanish or English, as appropriate, the most relevant economic, legal or social news that may arise.

These comments, while not providing a legal advice, will try to illustrate the importance of being up to date in all these news, whether they come from Southeast Asia or Spain. In order to reach this Blog Spain-Asean-Dispatch, all you have to do is enter the URL in the address bar of your browser and, after reading them, share a remark if you wish to do so.